Guy does DEAD ON Street Fighter II voices

Here we have a video of ( Marcel Carvalho ) doing the sound effects for a match of street fighter II. It looks like it takes place on a talent contest. See, now this is television. Not like the crap we have to watch. *turns on The Voice*

He’s the 2016 version of the police academy guy! Check out his other videos  !!





PlayStation Plus Games list (DEC.)


The first Tuesday of the December is almost upon us and with it brings FREE games for PlayStation Plus members.  ( ) has released the full list of upcoming games. And this month belongs to the indie crowd!

stories the path of destinies – An action RPG game starring a Fox.

Invisible, Inc. – A strategy game based around stealth and team work.

Color Guardians – A CHALLENGING platformer that looks cutesy but it is a BITCH

Tiny Troopers Joint OPS – An arcade style shooter that looks absolutely adorable!

VVVVVV – A platform game that uses gravity changing mechanics instead of jumping, because lets face it. It’s 2016 jumping is outdated.

Hyper Void – A fast paced space shooter set in beautiful wormholes!

Not your month if you hate indie games!







Word on the interwebs (aka Marvel VS Capcom 4 will be released on consoles in 2017! Next year is already looking pretty good, and this just adds to the excitement! But X-men fans….don’t get too excited. Word is there will be NO mutants making an appearance in this one. Instead the developers will be using the ever expanding MCU universe. I hope to see Groot, Wasp, Winter Soldier and other characters we haven’t seen in the previous titles! Capcom is expected to make the announcement during the Capcom Cup at Sony’s PlayStation Experience!




Take a look at this crazy Street Fighter 3 video created by Desk!

Look, we get it.. everyone wants to be the best. We also understand that few gamers fully grasp the hard work that goes into becoming the best. But this here is just wildly unnecessary. I mean how many people did this man scare off from his local arcade before coming up with this idea.

Seriously, think about it. I doubt this is something he came up with for fun. This is somebody that frequented an arcade probably was not even considered a competition to the others. But Mr. Desk was persistent, worked hard everyday and then started beating a few people. Then his talents just kept progressing, until finally he was just embarrassing everyone. Possibly even laughing at them. Like in their faces. In front of their school yard crush. Maybe one day someone held a birthday party at the arcade and he pee’d on their cake. I don’t know. All I know is that I truly hope there is a lengthy background why he is this good because if there is not than I just suck.

check out more videos from Desk here!