Mario Kart 64 out on VC today!

Time to settle some old scores! Today Mario Kart 64 comes out on the Nintendo virtual console! The game originally released in 1997 has caused numerous physical altercations only rivaled by Mario Party! After the success of the Super Nintendo’s Mario Kart, the 64 version was an amazing follow up! For only 10 dollars, this is well worth it! So get 3 friends and don’t be salty!

How the Nintendo Switch can Succeed

With the recent news of the Nintendo Switch being less powerful than Sony’s PlayStation 4, excitement for the Nintendo Switch has waned. Even hardcore Nintendo fan boys and fan girls are having a difficult time defending this one. We get it,  it’s 2017 everything should be in 8k!!! With the launch date right around the corner (March 2017) We made a list of things Nintendo can do to sell their new system!


For the love of god, don’t EVER release another Nintendo console without a Mario Kart at launch! When the Wii U dropped, the games that were available just didn’t cut it. I remember constantly feeling like I had nothing to play. The games they had, you could be playing on a more powerful system.  The sales of the Wii U system picked up after Mario Kart and Smash Bros. if the Nintendo Switch can launch with a new Mario Kart and a new Smash Bros, they won’t have to worry about selling units.

  • Third Party Involvement!!

We all heard the same thing from 3rd party developers when asked about Wii/Wii U titles. Basically porting to the those formats were a pain! There were also rumors EA and Nintendo couldn’t come to an agreement about their games and DLC, same with Ubisoft. But seen here It looks like Nintendo seems to be working with a lot of different developers! Heavy hitters here are Square Enix, Ubisoft and Capcom! If Nintendo could secure a good RPG(SquareEnix) and a good 3rd party fighter(Capcom) early on. It will help sell units.

  • The party system

Nintendo is the only company still catering to those of us who like to game in the same room, on the same couch even. Remember local multiplayer? Nintendo does! The company has been playing this angle for as long as I can remember. They continue to play this role in their trailer for the Switch.

This is Nintendo’s strength. Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart and Mario Party aren’t the most graphically advanced games, but they are extremely fun when played with your 3 best friends locally! This is one thing Nintendo will always have over Sony and Microsoft.





PlayStation Flash sale!

Log into that PSN account! It’s flash sale time! It started today and it ends 12/26/2016 at 8am(PT). So don’t hold onto that Christmas money your nana sent you. Now is the time to get the games you should already have by now! There’s a ton of games to wade through but here are some notable games.

  • Final Fantasy XV               39.59 (was 59.99)
  • NBA 2k17                           41.99 (was 59.99)
  • Madden NFL 17                 29.99 (was 59.99)
  • Watch Dogs 2                    35.99 (was 59.99)
  • FIFA 17                               29.99 (was 59.99)
  • Steep                                  40.19 (was 59.99)
  • Titanfall 2                          29.99 (was 59.99)

Ok no more excuses, its game time!


Xbox games with Gold for January!


The January list of free XBOX with Gold games have been revealed!

According to Xbox is about to drop some gems on us to kick off the new year!

On XboxOne

  • World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap – normally 19.99 bucks and is a pretty decent tower defense game. There is pvp, campaign and other modes to keep you busy too!

On Xbox360

The Cave– This action game also has a lot of puzzle elements with lots to explore. Normally priced at 14.99.

  • Rayman Origins– A side scrolling platform game that you can play with up to 3 other people. LOCALLY (remember that?)

 So if 2016 has sucked for you, you can at least get some good games on Xbox in 2017! Happy Holidays folks!

Overwatch confirms first LBGT Hero!

In Blizzard’s newly released  holiday comic. Tracer is seen trying to find a gift for what we assume is her girlfriend. Tracer being the sweet girl she is, stops a a robbery and ends up receiving the gift she was seeking from someone she saves. Tracer then shares a sweet holiday kiss with her lover!

Blizzard has been saying one or more of their characters would be from the LBGT community so Tracer is probably not the only one! Bravo Blizzard!!

Steam winter sale

Are you still debating on spending money on gifts for co workers and people you barely care about? DON’T! Save that money for Steam’s winter sale! Pay Pal let the cat out of the bag and released on twitter (and then deleted) the start date for the winter sale. It looks to be 12/22/2016 (the same as last year) No word yet on the ending date. But if it was the same as last year. We are guessing, January 2nd.

This is the REAL black Friday for PC gamers. For those of you that STILL don’t have GTAV, Overwatch and Street Fighter V. Your patience will surely pay off in the form of discounted games! 2 more days!!

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite


Here’s a look at gameplay from Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. Also in this trailer 2 new characters are revealed. Captain America (YAY) and Morrigan make their debut in this one. Sure Cap and Morrigan have been in the past installments but its still exciting to see them in action! Another interesting thing in this trailer, we see the use of the infinity gems. throughout the history of Marvel comics, we have seen heroes and villains battle over these precious stones. Each gem gives a different ability, ranging from control over time,  space, reality, power, mind and soul.  So it will be interesting to see how the gems will be able to shift the momentum of a battle. I wouldn’t be surprised if Thanos and Ultron made an appearance. Maybe even Loki? Will we be that lucky?



If Terry Crews voiced an Overwatch hero


In the latest push to get Terry Crews on board to voice a hero (Doomfist) for Overwatch. Youtuber and my new hero Harute has put together a video of Terry Crews’ voice in place of other Overwatch characters. IT FITS PERFECTLY! Blizzard the ball is in your court. You would be fools not to do this!




Best Buy employees give the gift of SMASH

At a Best Buy in New York, a teen would come in every single day, not to browse, not to even window shop. But to play the Smash Bros demo that they have set out. For weeks the employees would watch him play it, and then suddenly Proving there’s still good people in the world! A group of Best Buy employees pooled their money together to buy the teen a new Wii U and Smash Bros to go along with it!!


Seen here looking like he is wating for the catch. The teen was overjoyed and even was given a ride home from someone at the store!

*right in the feels*


Beautiful! This will add some cheer to your winter break! If you were getting bored with your regular 3vs3 matches or if you really love Mei! Try out the new mode!

Mei’s Snowball fight is… well its a snowball fight to the death! 6vs6 Everyone is Mei so prepare to hear a lot of “Sorry! Sorry, I’m sorry. Sorry.”

Check out all the new skins in the gallery below! Definitely feeling that Winston Yeti getup!!