Twitch will sell games!!

The streaming giant will now be selling games!! This move is not super surprising, as the twitch community is mostly comprised of gamers. According to the games will play through a twitch launcher and people who purchase games through twitch will receive loot crates. Games will be promoted while you watch streamers and some may even feature a “buy now” button. So it seems, twitch may be the new steam.

Nintendo Switch Virtual Console put on hold

In dissapointing news, IGN has said the Nintendo Switch will not launch with virtual console games. The virtual console has been a huge success on the Wii, Wii u, and DS systems. The Switch was rumored to have gamecube games available on their virtual console which would of been a first for Nintendo. No word yet on when the Nintendo Switch virtual console will be up and running.

Draymond Green’s Shut Up and Slam Karate Basketball

If you arent a fan of traditional sports titles, this  game may be the one for you. Created by a group that calls themselves the Seadads . DGSUASKB calls back to the days of Arch Rivals, NBA Jam and River City Ransom. Draymond Green’s Shut Up and Slam Karate Basketball is a sports beat’em up.

The story of the game is that the rec center has booked a charity basketball game and a karate tournament on the same day. Luckily Draymond Green is known for turning nuts into peanut butter.

You can download the game HERE

Read about the Seadads


Chroma Squad!!

It’s obvious where Chroma Squad got their whole shtick from. It looks like the Power Rangers, smells like the Power Rangers, and poses like the Power Rangers, but somehow it still manages to achieve originality. In this RPG your job is to achieve higher ratings on your Power Rangers-ish TV show. You can do the standard RPG stuff, upgrade weapons, mechs and equipment. You can get this on your PS4 and Xbox One this May! Check out the trailer below!