Minecraft gets Power Ranger skin mod pack

The Power Rangers skin pack is available now for consoles, PC and your mobile devices! For 3 bucks you can get scared of creepers dressed as your favorite teens with attitude. The pack comes with 20 skins and includes the original five rangers, comedic geniuses Bulk and Skull and evil with Rita! Check out the gallery below!

Watchdogs 2 April PvP update

Watchdogs 2 new expansion, No Compromise comes out in April. But Ubisoft decided to give us the highly anticipated “showdown” mode seperately and for free! Showdown will include 3 game types.

  1. “Steal the HDD”
  2. “Doomload” (a king of the hill style battle)
  3. Protect/Erase the Servers (watch Dog’s style domination match)

You can expect pvp to hit Watch Dogs 2, April 17th!


Next Hero to enter the Nexus….Genji?

The world’s greatest detective agency aka reddit has done it again. When a redditor went to look for the 2.0 beta he saw this.

Blizzard was quick to delete the leak, but redditors pointed out by viewing the source on the page, you can still see it. If this isn’t an April Fool’s joke this means a new Overwatch map and the cyborg ninja Genji will be coming to the nexus soon!!

Heroes of the Storm 2.0

HotS is making some very big changes! This more than new heroes and battlegrounds. This is 2.0!! One of the first big changes mentioned, No more level caps. You can now level a hero as high as you want! Your player level used to cap at 40. Now your player level is simply the sum of all your hero levels. Before 2.0 some skins and mounts were only available with real money, this has changed too. There will now be loot chests(similar to Overwatch’s loot crates) they can contain anything from heros to skins to mounts. There will be a system to replace gold as well. Check out the video below for the complete run down!


NES classic and Nintendo Switch at BestBuy.com

If you’ve been trying to buy either one of these two consoles. You already know how hard it is. Best Buy is giving you the opportunity to get your hands on both! This morning via tweet, Best Buy announced the NES Classic and Nintendo Switch will be available online at high noon CT. You can expect these to sell out in mere minutes so be ready!