Nintendo’s touching tribute to Satoru Iwata

So you may have heard about how a hacker found out each Nintendo Switch has a copy of the NES 1984 game Golf embedded into the machine. It turns out this was indeed a tribute to the late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. So how do you get the Switch to play this game? *grabs tissues* Ok I’ll tell you.

First off, this requires setting the time on your Switch to July 11, 2015 (the date of Iwata’s death). If you’ve connected your Switch to the internet, then you cannot do this. There’s no way to trick the system. SO….you’ll most likely need a brand new Switch.

Got your brand new Switch? Ok. So after your set your date. Boot up the Switch to the home screen and with a joy con in each hand.

Do Iwata’s famous hand gesture.

And the 1984 NES classic will boot up. Some see this as a tribute to Mr. Iwata because he programmed the game. Others are calling it an Omamori. In Japanese culture Omamoris are brought to shrines and is said to keep you safe if kept close to you. It’s times like this when I just marvel at what an amazing company Nintendo is. Mr. Iwata brought magic into so many lives. This is a very fitting tribute.




Possible New Character Info Leaks For MVC:I???

As if a promotional tool for the game’s release next week, more leaked news about Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite has surfaced online. This time coming from Reddit user SeraphimWing. The leak discusses all the DLC plans for the not so distant future of the game, including the 6 new characters that will be included. The six characters slated for DLC release are Venom, Black Panther, Monster Hunter, Winter Soldier, Gill, and Ultron Sigma. While some have been mentioned previously, there is one that will catch your eye, Gill, the main antagonist from the Street Fighter 3 series. If this is true, Gill will be making his first video game appearance in almost 16 years. This is great news for the game, and maybe even a nod at whats to come in the future for Capcom. Again, all leaked information is to be taken with a grain of salt, but the accuracy of the leaks for this game have been uncanny, even before its official announcement. You can read the full breakdown of each character’s fighting style, as well as the release schedule for the DLC over on Reddit. Excited about MVCI? Let us know in the comments!

Source: r/MvCI

PewDiePie gets racist (again)

PewDiePie back at it again with the racism! This time during a live stream of PUBG. After getting killed during a game, PewDiePie let loose. ” What a f****** n*****”. This is the 2nd time this year the YouTuber ┬áhas been in trouble for racism. Earlier this year in February, he got in trouble for a sign that said “Death to all jews”. What do you guys think about this?

George Orwell’s Animal Farm to be made into a game

That’s right! The novel they made you read in school, is now being made into a game. The gameplay is said to be split into 2 genres, one part adventure game and one part farm simulator. The game has the backing of the author’s estate. This is one we are really excited about, my middle school teachers would be so proud of me ?

Puzzle Fighter is coming to mobile

Capcom’s iconic puzzle game is coming to mobile later this year. The original Puzzle Fighter was released in the mid 90s. This Puzzle Fighter seems to keep the core principles of the original game. But there are a few changes. You now get to pick 1 main character and 2 assist characters. Speaking of characters, the roster has been expanded. Characters from Final Fight, Mega Man, and Resisent evil will now be available. There will be online versus mode to test your gem busting skills!