No Hate Gaming x Blerd-ish !!!

Our friends at Blerd-ish invited us on to their amazing podcast! We talk about gaming and what No Hate Gaming is all about! We also fall down a few rabbit holes. Take a listen below. Don’t forget to Follow/Subscribe to the podcast! These guys are hilarious and there’s new content all the time! Make sure you click around and give their other stuff a listen!!

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For Honor changes Valkyrie finisher

For Honor recently changed a controversial finishing move “no touching” to make it less creepy. In the original move after being stabbed, the victim falls forward and catches himself by grabbing the Valkyrie’s breasts.


They must of seen the backlash coming because they changed it pretty quick and called it a bug. The new animation has the victim stumbling forward and catching himself on the Valkyries shield now.

See! how hard was that?

Final Fantasy Dissidia NT Story Mode Trailer

Just a few days after the impressive launch roster video, Square Enix has given us another taste of Dissidia NT. This time it’s in the form of a cinematic trailer for the game’s story mode, which was shown at JumpFesta this week. The trailer is visually stunning, and gives almost every character a little bit of shine, as to show off the English voice acting talent. Take a good gander at the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments! We’re all looking forward to Dissidia NT’s release, and now there’s just over a month left before we get on our hands on it!

Super Mario Cereal

To help promote Super Mario Oddyssey, (like it needs help) Nintendo along with Kellogg’s will be releasing special Super Mario Cereal! The cereal will be mixed berry flavored with mushroom kingdom marshmallow inspired shapes!

Another cool feature is the box itself is an amiibo that will unlock coins and hearts! You can get your Super Mario sugar rush December 11th.