Street Fighter V gets Monster Hunter costumes

Capcom is bringing Monster Hunter skins to Street Fighter V! Every month Capcom will be giving us the chance to win a crossover costume . You have to win the extra battle modes in order to get the costumes. Each try cost 2,500 FM, it’s not as confusing as it seems. Take a look at the chart below

The first month will be Rathalos armor, followed by Zinogre and finishing with Kirin. Start saving up that fight money!


Duke Nukem movie eyes John Cena

Real life badass John Cena is in talks to star in a potential Duke Nukem movie. Duke Nukem enjoyed a lot of success in the 90s. The games were testerone fueled bro fests, that weren’t afraid to poke fun at macho stereotypes. Duke shot aliens, went to strip clubs and would regularly cuss about the current situation. Sadly Duke Nukem has not been able to mirror that success in today’s market.

John Cena might be just what they need to recharge the Duke empire. People love John Cena and whats not to love? He’s really strong, he visits sick kids in the hospital and he’s just an all around decent human being.  This could potentially be a really fun movie.

Dallas Fuel’s xQc suspended

The Overwatch pro xQc will be suspended  for four games after using a homophobic slur. xQc, real name Felix Lengyel said the slur about an openly gay Houston Outlaws player after a 4-0 Outlaws victory.

Oddly enough Lengyel didn’t even play in the game. He actually earned his suspension during a live stream broadcast after the match.  xQc will be back with the Dallas Fuel in February and will have hopefully learned from his mistake.


Nintendo Switch Fastest Selling US Console of All-time

The Nintendo Switch has just earned the title of the fastest selling US console of all-time. Although there are some major titles that are exclusive only to PS4 and Xbox, that hasn’t stopped the fun, family-friendly company we all know and love from selling units. In fact, their homegrown properties Super Mario Odyssey, and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, are owned by 60% and 55% percent of Switch users respectively. Meaning, these games are selling the console. With a slew of innovative and just downright enjoyable releases (Splatoon, Floor Kids, etc) it’s no wonder that Nintendo is moving units like hotcakes.

Source: Business Wire