Final Fantasy x Sims 4

Final Fantasy XV is an amazing game. How would one make this game better? By adding the super llama suit from the Sims franchise of course!

Starting March 6th if you buy Final Fantasy XV using EA’s Origin website. You will receive a special Sims 4 pack. The pack gives Noctis the historical plumbob over his head. As if that wasn’t cool enough, you’ll also get access to the super hero themed Llama outfit for multiplayer! Sims 4 players aren’t left out either. Players will receive a Noctis  themed outfit for their sim. The deal comes to a close on May 1st. Check out the trailer below!

New Overwatch hero teased

It’s that time again! Overwatch hero #27 is being teased by Blizzard. Some are saying it’s this lady right here! Her name is Brigitte. She is Torbjorns oldest daughter she is also friend and ally to Reinhardt. We aren’t sure what class she would fall into. But maybe her weapon will offer some insight.

It seems to be a cross between Reinhardt’s hammer and Torbjorn’s hammer. Maybe She will be a tank that can build? Who knows!? Leave us your guesses in the comments