Dallas Fuel releases DPS player and Coach

Dallas Fuel announced that they are releasing newly acquired DPS player Kim “Rascal” Dong-Jun and head coach Kyle “Kyky” Souder from the team. The team stated Rascal’s unwillingness to communicate as the main reason for his release.

Kyky’s release comes after a very frustrating season. Many fans have flat out blamed him for some tough losses. The assistant coach Emmanual Uzoni will act as interim head coach for now. Dallas cannot sign or even trade players at this point in the season, so hopefully this was the right move for the team.

Dallas plays San Francisco Shock April 18th.

Source: Dotesports.com

Billy Mitchell stripped of Donkey Kong title

The Donkey Kong world record holder has been stripped of his titles and banned from competing in future competitions. It has been long speculated that Billy Mitchell used M.A.M.E. and it’s recording feature to create the illusion of  record breaking scores. Twin Galaxies has removed Billy’s 3 top scores. The Guiness Book of World Records is expected to do the same. The title and world record will now go to Steve Wiebe. Just goes to show you, cheaters eventually get caught! Keep it honest!

Chrono Trigger on Steam *PATCHED*

Chrono Trigger was released on Steam earlier this year, but it wasn’t received too well. The community’s main complaint seemed to be the graphics and that this game was just unashamed mobile port to Steam. Square Enix heard out complaints, and now a new patch has now added a “classic” graphics settings. Similar to how the Secret of Mana remake has done with their music.  The graphic switch allows you to relive the glory days of the SNES and it even changes the text boxes to their original size. This just proves companies do listen, so always give feedback!

Overwatch archives

It’s that time of year again! Overwatch will be re-launching the Uprising event! Uprising is the PvE event that lets you join Tracer on her very first Overwatch mission. It seems this year we are getting an additional level or maybe even levels that could include Blackwatch or Talon members. Jeff and the Overwatch developers will be revealing more details during Overwatch League Wednesday. April 4th and 4pm.