New Overwatch hero! Ashe

Just in time for Red Dead Re-I mean Blizzcon!! Overwatch gave us a peek at the next character to be released, Ashe! She is the leader of the Deadlock so her history with McCree will play a big part here. It seems her playstyle is a mix between Widowmaker and McCree. You can fire from the hip with her rifle or aim down the sights to take out enemies from far away. Ashe is also interesting because she is the first character to have a summon for an ultimate. When activated a giant ominic named B.O.B. appears and knocks enemies into the air before drowning them in a hail of bullets!

While Ashe is a very cool character to add to the cast. Many are wondering including myself. Where is the Black female characters? Blizz has done a great job including everyone into the game, and maybe I am being impatient. But it just feels like it should have happened by now. Let’s stay positive about this though. I know Blizz reads twitter, forums and blogs, so make your voices heard!

You can check out the reveal trailer and new cinematic below!