Overwatch 2

ESPN has the scoop on the rumors swirling around Blizzcon and specifically Overwatch 2. The sequel to the hit Blizzard game Overwatch is said to be more focused on PVE, that doesn’t mean there won’t be PVP but it no longer seems to be the main focus. Different abilities can be selected and in game items can be purchased. Blizzcon attendees will be able to play the game! We will post more info as we get it!

MHW: Iceborne for PC gets release date

PC Monster Hunter players have had to watch their console counter parts enjoy the latest expansion pack unable to join in. Now the PC hunters can get in on the action January 9th 2020. It appears to be well worth the wait as the new texture packs are beautiful. Even the trailer is in 4k. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

League of Legends Fighting game teased

Riot games teased a bit of their fighting game during their live stream on Tuesday. Eagle-eyed viewers noticed Jinx, Katarina, Darius and Ahri duking it out..but in traditional fighting game style. A League of Legends fighting game has been in the works for sometime. No release date yet but this is still pretty cool. It would be interesting if other companies followed suit and created fighting games with their characters. (I’m looking at you Blizz!)

Blizz confirms arrest of DDOS attack suspect.

You probably remember when WoW was hit by a DDOS attack that jammed up all the servers earlier this month. Apparently Blizz has had enough of the bullsh*t and worked with local and international police to track the suspect down and arrest him.

No word yet on who the person is. Hopefully this will deter others from doing similar attacks in the future.

A closer look at Switch Fitness!

Nintendo Switch teased this fitness game last week. But now we are getting a closer look at the actual gameplay! And wow this is much more developed than I could imagine. The game is broken down into 3 modes. Adventure, minigame and simple quick play. The adventure game looks the most interesting! In this mode you traverse different landscapes, rowing across oceans and even battling monsters! The minigame mode looks like the go to mode to play with friends! And the simple mode allows you to get straight to no nonsense working out. Check out the trailer below.