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As a chef by day, gamer by night, I game for fun. Nothing is worse than a great time winding down hitting the sticks, drinking a beer, and someone putting others down. I enjoy many different types of games! My busy schedule makes my off time precious though so I’ll be sure and Let y’all know which games you should definitely get into, keep in mind, or even keep around to re-visit between. Happy gaming to y’all and remember, even if someone else is being salty, “gg” is easier than spreading hate.

DJ and producer with a pension for video games. Fighting game enthusiast with a definite soft spot for RPGs with great stories. Still thinks the Dreamcast was the best video game system and quietly holds hope for the release of the Dreamcast 2.


Floating through life waiting for the next good RPG. There’s not a better system than the SNES.


Hi everybody, I’m Rob. I’m a gamer and more passionate about that than most anything else. Whether it’s gaming on a console, PC, or even a tabletop, I’ve been doing it for decades. Played my first video game before I was even talking and I don’t intend at all to stop soon. If I could be anything in life it’d be a writer for a gaming company or a level designer for one. I have a knack for puzzles and strategy but I still stick to faster paced games in my free time. While gameplay decides whether a game lives and dies, for the most part, a strong plot line, to me, is what transcends a game from something worth playing to a piece of art worth treasuring. And hopefully, with my reviews here I can help some of you to find that key title to add to your collection that resonates with you the same way some of the ones on my shelf do with me.

I spent so much time being an inconsiderate person that it is my default. Working on that… but in the mean time I will continue to camp in shooting games, steal your loot in RPG games and sneak typos into your reviews.
Twitter: Tyler_i8U