Nintendo Switch

Lots of exciting news about the Nintendo Switch presentation. Let’s get into it!

The console will be released March 3rd and will cost 299.99. Games will be on cartridges and no longer discs.

Also shown was a new Mario Game, Mario Odyssey. This game seems to take place in the real world, or at least some of it does. A very interesting step in the franchise. Maybe even a true sequel to Super Mario 64

Maybe this was inspired by all of those “if Mario had unreal graphics” videos? Either way it looks really good!

Another highly anticipated title that was teased…..Splatoon 2!!!

Splatoon 2 promises fresher gear, more weapons and more maps and different game modes! Splatoon was a huge success for Wii U and Splatoon 2 is a sure thing for Nintendo.

The award for strangest game at the presentation, goes to Arms

Arms looks…weird. You have stretch arm strong style arms, that you punch your opponent with from waaaay far way. Very interesting concept.

Last but definitely not least. We get a new old Street Fighter game, Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers.  Seen here we have Violent Ken Vs. Evil Ryu. This game will be sure to make 90’s babies very very happy!

BUT. I think the thing that really sold the Nintendo Switch last night was the new Zelda. YES we all knew it was coming, and we’ve been seeing pictures and trailers for a few months now. But just look at this trailer! absolutely GORGEOUS

Bravo Nintendo!



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