2017 Computex – Intel gets Xtreme

Even for those of you that are not PC gaming I am sure you know of the two big competitors in the CPU market. AMD and Intel. Well Intel is at Computex showing off a new Acer Predator gaming laptop w/ i7 inside, demonstrating the ZenBook Flip S, loads of other thin note books and Intel demonstrated the advantages of the Optane caching SSDs. But lets talk about the big news, the show closer, the Intel response to AMDs recent news; the upcoming 8th generation Core i-series CPUs.

The new Intel Xtreme platform. The X can be blamed on the PC consumers, companies have noticed that slapping words on boxes sell; take GAMING, VR and RGB for example. Anyway, this new CPU can be argued that its primary aim is the gaming/streaming market. This is due all the cores and I mean all. The new Xtreme platform will include CPUs with 4 to 12 cores… maybe as high 14… no lets make it 16, 16 is extreme. But no, that was not enough, 18 CORES!

Everyone bow to the reigning CPU kings of those with unlimited budgets as they release their Core i9 beasts.



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