Terminator 2 remade using GTA V

Russian YouTube page Kramer’s Media has created a beautiful work of art! Terminator 2 entirely redone using GTA V! This is brilliant and must have taken an extremely long time. The GTA V remake is surprisingly true to the film and is even more entertaining. It is about an hour long so get a comfy seat! Don’t forget to subscribe to their YouTube channel HERE

You can check out the English version of the movie below!

ICYMI: Marvel Heroes Omega Open Beta Now Live

Just in time for the glorious 3 day mini-vacation that is Memorial Day weekend, Marvel Heroes Omega Open Beta is now live and available for download in the PlayStation Store. If you weren’t able to get in on the closed beta, here’s your opportunity to suit up and help defeat bad guys with a slew of heroes to choose from. As an extra cherry on top of this super hero sundae, you can also unlock Daredevil for free by downloading the Daredevil Pack in the PlayStation Store. Xbox One users, don’t fret, your chance to play hero is coming on June 20th, as the Open Beta hits the Xbox Live Marketplace. It’s definitely clobbering time!

Fallout 4 will be free to play (for a limited time)

Xbox Live Gold gamers and Steam users can experience this end of the world action game for FREE. Starting midnight tonight running through May 28th 11:59pm, you can play Fallout 4 for free! A discount is also being offered on the game, if you like it get it for 67% off! The discount lasts until May 29th so act fast if you plan on buying!

Source: Polygon

Overwatch leads to marriage

Meet Prentice Gauither a reaper main and Katt Morris a D.VA main. These two to met during a match on Overwatch and hit it off big time. They partied up and played more games together. This turned into phone calls that would last hours and hours. After talking for some time, Prentice sold his PS4 and all of his games (including Overwatch) in order to fly to his love and pop the question! Did we mention the flight was from Louisiana to Liverpool, thats over 4500 miles away! Now that’s love! Do you game with your significant other? Let us know in the comments!

Source: DailyMail

Splatoon manga will get english translation

The Splatoon manga was released in Japan following the crazy popularity of the game in 2015. Unless you can read Japanese or have a nice friend who can translate, you probably haven’t read them. But that will change! Crunchyroll is reporting that in 2017 the manga series will be translated into english! Finally! I can see what the squid kids are up to.

Source: Crunchyroll