Overwatch One Year Anniversary Event May 23

The newest Overwatch event will be honoring the One Year Anniversary of the game! No details as of yet on skins, emotes, etc. But what is confirmed is a digital “Game of the Year” release of Overwatch will be on sale shortly. This will include the base game, 10 loot boxes, and Overwatch themed content for Diablo III, World of Warcraft, and Heroes of the storm. Overwatch will also be free to play starting May 26th and ending on May 29th! Check out the video Blizzard put together to honor Overwatch below!

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope confirmed for Switch and PC

The next game in the farming franchise game is Harvest Moon: Light of Hope! What makes this game so special? Well for the first time ever you will be able to tend to your crops on your Nintendo Switch or your PC! According to Polygon, this game starts out a bit differently than normal. Your character is at sea when a monster trashes your ship! You end up stranded at a lighthouse which you then must fix up! So… yeah! But don’t worry, there will still be crops!!

Don’t hold your breath for another Mass Effect

Kotaku is reporting today that sources from BioWare have suggested a next installment of Mass Effect won’t be coming anytime soon. This news coming just a month after the team responsible for Mass Effect: Andromeda, BioWare Montreal, was dissolved into a support studio for BioWare’s other projects. You can read Kotaku’s full report here. Are you surprised at this news? How do you feel about Mass Effect: Andromeda? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Kotaku

Maximilian displays Tekken 7 Rage Arts

With the release of Tekken 7 less than a month away, the hype is starting to build. Fighting game guru and all around awesome “dood”, Maximilian, got some pre-release access to Tekken 7 and has definitely made the most of it. He’s been releasing videos of his time with the game on his YouTube channel . The most recent video features ALL of the Tekken 7 Rage Arts (desperation moves, supers) as well as all the stages. Take a look at the video below and be sure to show Maximilian some love on Twitter!

Bowser solo game incoming?

Word on the street is that Nintendo applied for a trademark for the name “Koopa” for uses including “Program for video game console”. Might we be seeing the King Koopa in his own game? While there have been no such announcements yet, a gamer can dream can’t they? Who knows what Nintendo has up their sleeves, but E3 is next month… Fingers crossed!

Source: Japanese Nintendo

It’s official now: Ed joints the cast of Street Fighter V!

If you haven’t heard yet, the next DLC character for Street Fighter V has been announced! It’s Ed (of course). Due to the recent PSN leak, many gamers were already convinced that Ed would be the next character released. Although his announcement may not have been a surprise, the reveal video definitely is! Ed’s moves look crazy and he will be free to play during the beta test for Capcom Fighters Network May 11-14. You can watch the video below and head on over to Capcom Unity for the full character breakdown! What do you guys think of Ed? Let us know in the comments!