Nintendo’s touching tribute to Satoru Iwata

So you may have heard about how a hacker found out each Nintendo Switch has a copy of the NES 1984 game Golf embedded into the machine. It turns out this was indeed a tribute to the late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. So how do you get the Switch to play this game? *grabs tissues* Ok I’ll tell you.

First off, this requires setting the time on your Switch to July 11, 2015 (the date of Iwata’s death). If you’ve connected your Switch to the internet, then you cannot do this. There’s no way to trick the system. SO….you’ll most likely need a brand new Switch.

Got your brand new Switch? Ok. So after your set your date. Boot up the Switch to the home screen and with a joy con in each hand.

Do Iwata’s famous hand gesture.

And the 1984 NES classic will boot up. Some see this as a tribute to Mr. Iwata because he programmed the game. Others are calling it an Omamori. In Japanese culture Omamoris are brought to shrines and is said to keep you safe if kept close to you. It’s times like this when I just marvel at what an amazing company Nintendo is. Mr. Iwata brought magic into so many lives. This is a very fitting tribute.






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