Free City

Tired of this guy yet? No? How could you be? He’s Pikachu AND Deadpool!! And now it looks at though he will be playing yet another video game character, in the upcoming movie Free City. In this film Mr. Reynolds plays a bank teller who is a background character in a video game called Free City. He becomes self aware and has to stop the game’s developers from shutting down Free City. It sounds pretty awesome! We will keep you updated about this one.


Final Fantasy 7 remake trailer

Hey gang! First off let me apologize for being so inactive on my site! I promise to include updates more regularly if not everyday! Thank you to everyone who still checks our web site! NOW! Let’s get into this trailer.

First off, from a graphical stand point. HOLY SHIT!! We get a look at the opening sequence, the battles look fast similar to Final Fantasy 15 (RIP Turn based RPGs) This trailer also includes characters voices! Check it out below!