Nintendo Direct Highlights

Nintendo Direct just ended and boy oh boy is there a lot to be excited about.

Animal Crossing New Horizon will have local multiplayer (up to 4 people) and 8 players via online multiplayer. The game allows for crafting tools similar to minecraft instead of purchasing them from Tom Nook. This will a must have for any fan of the series.

In just a few days SNES will be available for Switch including couch co-OP as well as online multiplayer! The list of games will be growing over time. But for now this is a fantastic start! Also announced was the SNES Switch controller available for 29.99 to Nintendo Online members

Overwatch will be coming to Switch in October, thus confirming the leaks from last week. This was expected and honestly it’s about time!

Smash Bros had a big showing today! Terry Bogard was confirmed and we even got to see a bit of gameplay. Banjo and Kazooie’s moveset was explored and look really interesting. New Mii skins are coming as well including Mystical Ninja Goemon, Pokemon, Mega Man and Undertale themed skins!

This Nintendo direct was jam packed with goodies! What game are you most excited for??



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