Dr. Disrespect’s house shot at live on stream

Popular Streamer Dr. Disrespect was playing PUBG when shots could be heard outside of his home. For 2 days straight somebody has been driving by and shooting at the gamer’s house! Dr. Disrespect broke character and called the person out directly.  The police have reported its most likely a bb gun. Ok. BB gun or real gun, if you’re shooting at someone’s house, you have a real problem. People don’t play when it comes to their family! Dr. Disrespect has reported he and his family are in a safer area now.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bundle

With the release of Smash Brothers Ultimate just around the corner. You know Nintendo was gonna give us some extras! Check out this Bundle. It comes with the Game, a gamecube controller and an adapter that lets up to 4 people use gamecube controllers. So far this isn’t available in the US. So if you want it you’ll have to order it from Europe. No word yet if the bundle is coming to North America, but hopefully it will. This is a MUST for collectors!