Hammond the Hamster, the new Overwatch hero

ok so first off let me just say Hahahahahahaha!!!!!! *cough* *clears throat*. Ok sorry. The newest Overwatch hero has long been suspected of being Hammond, and most of the internet believed Hammond to be a chimp. In a crazy twist it turns out Hammond is a Hamster. He pilots a mechanized hamster ball with machine guns on the side. Since we already have a defensive mech character (D.VA) I’m guessing Hammond will an offensive wrecking ball (literally). No details yet on when Hammond will go live.

Avengers x Fortnite

Ok Fortniters. An epic update is on the way. Starting tomorrow Avengers and Fortnite will be doing a crossover event. It’s going to be your standard battle royale but this time the Infinity Gauntlet will be in play. Whoever gets it becomes Thanos and will be able to use the power of the stones. This is sure to get the remaining Fortnite holdouts to give the game a go.

Dallas Fuel releases DPS player and Coach

Dallas Fuel announced that they are releasing newly acquired DPS player Kim “Rascal” Dong-Jun and head coach Kyle “Kyky” Souder from the team. The team stated Rascal’s unwillingness to communicate as the main reason for his release.

Kyky’s release comes after a very frustrating season. Many fans have flat out blamed him for some tough losses. The assistant coach Emmanual Uzoni will act as interim head coach for now. Dallas cannot sign or even trade players at this point in the season, so hopefully this was the right move for the team.

Dallas plays San Francisco Shock April 18th.

Source: Dotesports.com