Super Mario Cereal drops amiibo???

It looks like the first wave of Super Mario Cereal may be coming to a stopping point. This brand new box of Super Mario Cereal was discovered by redditor 0terminator0

Besides the box art being different, others on reddit are noting that the nfc tag is no longer there. Meaning this version of the cereal box does not appear to be an amiibo. We aren’t sure if this is a fluke or if the first wave of cereal really is in fact over. If you have a box that’s also an amiibo, you may want to hold on to it!

Register to test Fortnite for iOS

The free to play Battle Royale style game is coming to your phone! There is absolutely no way to escape this game now!! The mobile version is said to play exactly like the console and PC versions, and will even feature cross platform play. Starting today iOS users will have the opportunity to test the mobile version of Fortnite. Testing for Androids will come in the following months. Not everyone will be selected to test the game, your best bet is to go to the website HERE

Happy Super Mar10 Day!

Today is March 10, or as Nintendo calls it Mar10 Day! Today is the day to play all your favorite Super Mario games (as if you don’t do that everyday.) To celebrate, Nintendo is selling Super Mario Run for 50%! Super Mario Run is well worth it at 5 bucks! (Check out our review if you don’t believe me!) The discount ends March 25, so don’t miss out! Google Maps is also getting into the spirit by letting you navigate as Mario in his kart! Just start Google Maps like normal and hit the coinbox icon to get started! Let’s-a-Go!

Final Fantasy x Sims 4

Final Fantasy XV is an amazing game. How would one make this game better? By adding the super llama suit from the Sims franchise of course!

Starting March 6th if you buy Final Fantasy XV using EA’s Origin website. You will receive a special Sims 4 pack. The pack gives Noctis the historical plumbob over his head. As if that wasn’t cool enough, you’ll also get access to the super hero themed Llama outfit for multiplayer! Sims 4 players aren’t left out either. Players will receive a Noctis  themed outfit for their sim. The deal comes to a close on May 1st. Check out the trailer below!