Super Mario Cereal

To help promote Super Mario Oddyssey, (like it needs help) Nintendo along with Kellogg’s will be releasing special Super Mario Cereal! The cereal will be mixed berry flavored with mushroom kingdom marshmallow inspired shapes!

Another cool feature is the box itself is an amiibo that will unlock coins and hearts! You can get your Super Mario sugar rush December 11th.

Epic Games vs kid and his Mom

Epic games is currently in the midst of an ongoing legal battle against a 14 year old kid and his mom. So what happened?? Let’s back it up.

Epic games has had crazy success with their battle royal style game Fortnite. Unfortunately with popularity brings cheaters. Epic games has been suing websites who manufacture the cheat software.

The controversy stems from a young YouTuber, Caleb “Sky Orbit” Rogers, who is being sued. His mother came to his defense essentially saying he can’t be sued for using the cheat software because he did not make it.

Where it gets tricky is young Caleb wasn’t simply using the cheat. He uploaded a how to video on how to use the cheat software onto his YouTube channel. When Epic games asked him to take it down, he refused forcing Epic games to protect their product.

Who do you think is right? The game company or the Caleb and his mom??

Classic Game Turns Popcorn Flick

The trailer for the movie adaptation of Rampage is dropped a few days ago, and in case you haven’t seen it, we’ve got you covered. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars as the lead character Davis Okoye. Okay is a scientist taking care of a very intelligent gorilla, when an experiment from outer space lands on earth and transforms his “best friend” into a towering RAMPAGING monster. (See what I did there?) Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments!