Nintendo Switch

Lots of exciting news about the Nintendo Switch presentation. Let’s get into it!

The console will be released March 3rd and will cost 299.99. Games will be on cartridges and no longer discs.

Also shown was a new Mario Game, Mario Odyssey. This game seems to take place in the real world, or at least some of it does. A very interesting step in the franchise. Maybe even a true sequel to Super Mario 64

Maybe this was inspired by all of those “if Mario had unreal graphics” videos? Either way it looks really good!

Another highly anticipated title that was teased…..Splatoon 2!!!

Splatoon 2 promises fresher gear, more weapons and more maps and different game modes! Splatoon was a huge success for Wii U and Splatoon 2 is a sure thing for Nintendo.

The award for strangest game at the presentation, goes to Arms

Arms looks…weird. You have stretch arm strong style arms, that you punch your opponent with from waaaay far way. Very interesting concept.

Last but definitely not least. We get a new old Street Fighter game, Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers.  Seen here we have Violent Ken Vs. Evil Ryu. This game will be sure to make 90’s babies very very happy!

BUT. I think the thing that really sold the Nintendo Switch last night was the new Zelda. YES we all knew it was coming, and we’ve been seeing pictures and trailers for a few months now. But just look at this trailer! absolutely GORGEOUS

Bravo Nintendo!


Scalebound, the action game based on training, fighting and raising dragons is officially canceled! According to The Sun . No specific reason was given for the sudden cancellation. Many Xbox gamers are upset! The game has been teased for a while now and has been in development for over 4 years. Microsoft has purged their social media accounts of anything Scalebound related! Oddly enough as of right now, it’s still showing up on the Microsoft website.

We better get an explanation soon, or at least start developing another multiplayer dragon game!

NES Classic Edition is hackable!

When Nintendo released their throwback NES classic, it was released with 30 games! 30 really decent games! Nintendo has said the system is meant to be stand alone, meaning there were to be no expansions or add ons. But the internet had other plans. A Russian hacker and NES hero, MadMonkey of Reddit has found a way to add as many as 84 games to your NES Classic! Many people have already added more games to their systems. Nintendo has yet to respond to any of this!

WARNING: As with modding or hacking anything you run the risk of messing up your console. So be sure to follow instructions carefully if you plan on upping your game count.

Steam to allow use of Xbox controllers

In 2016 Steam rolled out an update allowing PS4 controllers to be used, Now in 2017 Steam Will allow for the use of Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers on all of their games!  People have been begging for this for a long time and Steam has finally delivered! Although it’s only in the beta stages. You will be able to use your Xbox controller on all steam games, even ones without built in controller support! No word on when the changes will be implemented. If you want to check out the beta, just log into your Steam account click settings and then “beta participation”

Things we know about Doomfist

The character Doomfist remains a mystery. What we do know is, Doomfist is a moniker that is passed between people. As seen in Numbani, there appears to be a museum exhibit dedicated to Doomfist.

The first Doom fist was called “The Savior”. It is believed that he had a huge part in destroying the omnics during the war. It is also believed that this incarnation was a member of Overwatch.

The 2nd Doomfist was called “The Scourge”, this Doomfist was believed to be evil and an enemy of Overwatch. Winston defeats this incarnation of Doomfist and takes his gauntlet. The gauntlet is then put on display at the Overwatch Museum. (You can actually see the gauntlet when pushing the payload in Numbani.) Widowmaker and Reaper attack Numbani in hopes of retrieving the gauntlet but are fought off by Winston and Tracer.

The 3rd incarnation of Doomfist? “The Successor” ?

Terry Crews has been very vocal about wanting to be the voice for Doomfist. The blizzard/Overwatch fan base is 100% behind this! Terry Crews has been seen on the Blizzard campus lately too adding fuel to the rumors! Will he be the 3rd incarnation of Doomfist? Will he be a good guy or a bad guy? The internet is hard at work looking for clues about Doomfist. If you remember Blizzard teased Sombra and gave out clues for a few months before she was playable. Keep those eyes peeled!!


Although the Wii U hasn’t put out a ton of quality games. The virtual console still remains a consistent source of joy! Last month we got Mario Kart 64, today we get Pokemon Snap! The game is unlike any other Pokemon game. In this version, you are taken on a Safari through different terrains. Your job is to take photographs of the different Pokemon you see. This game is a STEAL at 9.99!

Roadhog to be nerfed!

According to Geoff Goodman, you can expect changes coming as soon as this week!

Blizzard was presumably getting fed up with the daily complaints about Roadhog. “Roadhog hooked me through the wall” “Roadhog hooked me through the payload” “Roadhog hooked me at my kid’s birthday”  It’s not so much that he is OP. But some might argue his hook is.

The first change is Roadhog’s chain will no longer move in only straight lines. Goodman does mention a limit to how far to the side you can grab someone.

The 2nd big change is Roadhog can no longer hook people he cant see. So no more sticking your hand out of windows and yanking people!

And lastly, there is a new “persistent” line of sight check. This means is, if you get hooked and fall off a cliff or dash. The chain will break instead of pulling you back up.

It will be an interesting day for Roadhog mains when these changes hit!

No Hate Gaming Art Contest

Today is the first day of our art contest! The contest runs from January 3rd – January 17th. We will announce the winners January 21st.

  • 1st – $50 visa gift card + interview on blog
  • 2nd $25 visa gift card
  • 3rd $10 visa card

Any form of art can be submitted! Paintings, sculptures, graphic design, sketches, a play or a song. Anything. It just has to be videogame related. Anything we post we will give credit to the artist!


Send all submissions or questions to




Ariana Grande coming to Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

2017 is already off to a weird start! Pop singer, Ariana Grande will be featured as a character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. She told her fans the news via instagram . Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a throwback to turn based RPGs( you know. REAL RPG GAMES!!) Her character draws heavily from the picture above. We aren’t sure if she is a fan of the series or if this is just more money.  Either way we are happy to see her! Here’s some video of her sprite in action!

a little peek at DW featured in #FFBEWW 🙈🙈🙈🙈🌌 ♡🐇🐇🐇🐇

A video posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on



Maybe we will get other pop stars in Final Fantasy games now!? Drake? Nicki Minaj? Taylor Swift?