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Cup Noodle Fork-Sword, Yes you read that right!

The company behind the wildy popular Final Fantasy XV snack, Cup Noodle is doing something awesome. In honor of Final Fantasy’s 30 year anniversary the company will be giving away a bad ass gigantic Fork-Sword. How do you get this Fork-Sword? You have to buy specially marked packs of Cup Noodle. The new packaging features bosses from various Final Fantasy games and is also your ticket to enter the lottery. Only 30 of these Fork-Swords will be made! Check out this weapon/eating utensil!

The Ten Most Underrated Final Fantasy Characters

A well written character that even as a villain he was easy to sympathize with. Driven at first by the unfair state of poverty forced upon he and his fellow war veterans he is soon driven by the need to avenge the death of his sister, ultimately failing and falling victim to the zodiac stone Aries. As he became Velius (or Belias depending on what version you played) he lost himself and his motivations become completely what the Lucavi want.

Another unsung hero from Final Fantasy Tactics. Out of *ALL* of the party members you’re capable of getting, Mustadio is easily one of the most, if not the most, useful characters, especially early in the game. His use of the pistols/guns meant that so much more of the area was available for you to attack. He comes at a time early enough in the game where this, along with his moveset, really helps you cruise through to the following acts. And unless you are a hell of a grinder, you don’t have any characters/classes that afford you as much of the battleground as he does. Also, thanks to his serendipitous meeting with Ramza, Ramza learns of the first Auracite. The Auracites and the pursuit of them become the main focus of the plot. If not for their meeting, Ramza would not have stumbled on to the nefarious plans of the enemy until much later.

Is a surprisingly well rounded mage, despite his MP being low for story purposes, but he actually has Osmose and his spell power is pretty good. His death was fairly epic and sadly is often over shadowed by the chaos that happening at the time.

We don’t know why General Leo was fighting for Emperor Gestahl. For most of the game he is your enemy. But he seemed like he wanted to do the right thing, and maybe he thought he was. Leo was a powerful warrior who negotiated a treaty with the Espers. When Leo realizes Kefka was a lunatic, he didn’t hesitate to do the right thing. Unfortunately his good heart cost him his life.

He was a suprisingly present mentor for the party throughout much of the game and while he does play a stereotypical sage he also seems to be the only person that actually knows what’s going on with the planet. Cloud and company often have no clue as to where to begin in their quest to stop Shin-ra and have only Bugenhagen to point the way. As if all of that was not enough, he is the gateway to the party’s learning to merge materia to create Master Materia and actually become powerful enough to fight for the planet they intend to save.

Arguably the best part(s) of Final Fantasy 8, and you only are blessed with their presence ever so sparingly. Laguna, Kiros, & Ward are friendship goals af. A tight-knight crew of soldiers who lead, what seemed to be, a pretty interesting life in the Galbadia Army. Even once they all were finished with their service to Galbadia, they stayed in contact and even continued to adventure together. Laguna’s optimism/naivety, Kiros’ wisdom, and Ward’s oafishness add a whole other level of charm to the game. We only get a few glimpses into their lives, but for me, that was enough to leave me wanting more. Their exploits could easily be expound upon and told as a separate story, or prequel to Final Fantasy 8.

Squall’s right-hand man… whether he wants to admit it or not. Zell had more energy than all the characters in the game put together. Although he may be loud, obnoxious, over zealous (or should I say… over ZELLous), and have somewhat of a Napoleon complex, he’s a loyal friend, and has a big heart. For a tiny guy, he packs quite the punch. He’s one of the best party members to use DPS-wise, and his Limit Breaks are some of the coolest in the game. He’s even so strong he punched the floor of the train he was riding, and caused enough turbulence to make the conductor get on the PA system to calm everyone down. Not bad for a kid that stands at a towering 5ft. 5in. Tifa Lockheart would be proud.

A truly unique character, even among Final Fantasy’s 9 diverse cast of characters. She is the only playable Burmecian in any Final Fantasy game. It’s easy to overlook Freya, but you have to respect her! She’s proves herself by entering the Zaghnol hunt alongside Vivi and Zidane. Freya also duels Amarant 1 on 1. Freya has both a gentleness and a toughness to her. She’s hard on Zidane and keeps him in line when needed and she also acts as a big sister to Vivi and helps him throughout the journey.

Although it seems Tidus is closest to Yuna, we can’t rule out Kimahri. Kimahri takes care of Yuna when she is a child and keeps her safe after the events of Braska’s calm. After Yuna prays to the fayth in Besaid, she almost falls down the stairs but is saved by Kimahri! He also goes 1 vs 2 on Mt. Gagazet against Biran and Yenke and wins, proving himself to the other Ronso. In Final Fantasy X-2 he becomes the leader of the Ronso, a true underdog story!

The wisest and most sensible of the 4 protagonists in Final Fantasy 15. Ignis was more often than not, the glue that held the boys together through their tribulations. Whether it was keeping Noctis and Gladio from tearing each other to pieces, cooking at the end of each campout, or the cautious tidbits he would provide while walking around, it’s hard to imagine the game without him. Overshadowed by the prince, the muscle-head, and the loudmouth, Ignis quietly kicks ass in the background. Even after an unfortunate event leaves him handicapped, he still is quite the capable fighter. Definitely deserving of more recognition in the packed halls of the Final Fantasy Pantheon.

Terry Crews Auditions for Doomfist (unofficial)

It’s no secret Terry Crews wants to be a voice on the Blizzard game Overwatch. But this is still pretty cool. In the video Terry Crews says a bunch of lines that would fit really really well into the game! We aren’t sure if he wrote these lines himself, but something about his opening dialogue  tells us he did. If this doesn’t kick blizzard in the ass and make this happen. I don’t know what will!

Check out the video below! GET READY TO HURT!







Lucio comes to Heroes of the Storm!

It looks like yet another Overwatch character will be showing up to Heroes of the Storm! Lucio! Based on the trailer, it looks like his controls will be similar to his Overwatch set up. This includes his wall ride ability, speed boost and healing boost. He can also still push back enemies! Expect to see a lot of him very soon! No word yet on the exact date. Check out the video below!